I’m Beez and I want to help you elevate the way you think allowing you to elevate your lifestyle.

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I have been able to create a life of abundance and gained financial success by applying financial literacy principles that I have learned over the years. At the age of 19 I decided I wanted to live a life with financial freedom, traveling, running businesses, and spending quality time with my family. I then reverse engineered my life to reach those goals.

Now at 27, I am an Engineer who is financially free and working short term overseas assignments, which allows me the freedom to travel frequently, live a life of luxury, and enjoy time with my family. I specialize in strategic career planning (IT/Software/Engineering/Overseas Contracting), financial literacy , and general session consultations.

M.S in Systems Engineering , Johns Hopkins University (Dec 2020 graduation)

B.S in Computer Science, Virginia Commonwealth University

CompTIA Security+ and CompTIA A+ certified

Cornell Graduate Certificate in Commercial Real Estate Investing

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Take control of your life, live a life of abundance.

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This book is Excellent! I can say it changed my way of thinking about money. Since I’ve finished the book I have gotten my self out of debt and I’m now on a new career path. Thank You! For making a great read.

Contreal McKinney

After our convo, I retooled my resume and floodgates opened up. I started receiving offers from every tech company in California and a ton of small startups too. Settled on a role at Facebook making 30K more than what I make now. So thank you for the consult.

James C.

Scheduled my consult with Beez 10/4/19 while I was in my coding bootcamp looking for a new role. My clearance was expired and I was looking to get into government contracting. Followed her advice and put in work. Got an offer 10/28/19 and they sponsored a TS/SCI for me.

Huralain M.

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