To become wealthy you have to stop trading time for money. Money is in abundance. Shift your mindset. — SB

At the age of 19, I came to the realization that I wanted to be wealthy (yes, wealthy, not rich... I’ll explain). The thought of working a 9 to 5 to ultimately being buried up to my knees in bills and debt for the rest of my life to collect from a 401K didn’t make sense. It made sense for me to figure out another plan, seeing as how I went to college to find to a job. The missing denominator was my time. No matter how many pay raises I was to receive, it would be time I could not get back to spend with the people I love doing the things I wanted to do most. Therefore, in my mind, I needed to figure out a way to make money and not be physically present.

At this point, I immersed myself into any book, vlog or forum I could find to start me on my path to wealth. It was then that I learned what I was seeking had a name - Financial Independence. Financial Independence (FI) is when your passive income covers your monthly expenses.

By this time I had obtained my degree in Computer Science and decided that I needed a high income to be able to save more money and live more comfortably, so I focused on getting jobs in high income fields. I landed my first Software Engineering job out of school which paid extremely well, which then allowed me to purchase my first townhouse at the age of 22. Not long after I also launched my first business, Gifitize, this was the turning point that sparked my desire to reach financial independence faster.

I knew I couldn’t reach my FI goal as fast, so I shifted my job search overseas to make more money. I was eventually hired to a position in Japan as a Systems Engineer at the age of 24. At age 25, I received two promotions and became a level 4 Engineer 3.5 years after graduating college. I was promoted to a Test Engineer position in Taiwan where I worked and lived for a year.

My passion to create generational wealth lead me on the path to helping out family members and friends and then to the point to helping others as well. It’s been an amazing journey so far, I am halfway to my financial freedom goal. I have $0 in credit card debt, I save/invest 80% of my income, currently run 3 businesses, and I am a Venture Capitalist. My style of wealth building is not for people looking to get rich quick. It also isn’t for people looking to cut out what they enjoy in life most, to try to squeeze a dime out of a nickel. Should you decide to work with me? Yes. I will teach you the fundamentals of budgeting and creative ways to strategically increase your income!'


  • B.S in Computer Science,
    Virginia Commonwealth University

  • CompTIA Security+ and CompTIA A+ certified

  • Cornell Graduate Certificate in Commercial
    Real Estate Investing

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